CODESYS is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.

Application Stories

Warehouse - CODESYS Automation Server
How do you update 900 PLCs in warehouses with minimal downtime?

Decreasing update downtime using the Industrial Internet of Things

The CODESYS Automation Server can make updates 6 times faster. 
What used to take engineers 2 hours could now be done in a mere 20 minutes. The CODESYS Automation Server shaved off nearly 85% of the time it takes to update, an increase in speed of 600%! In addition, NO engineer is required to be on site at the customer’s warehouse! The whole update process with the CODESYS Automation Server can be easily done online.

CODESYS Software Suite in the Packaging Industry
Packsize Technologies AB Relies on the CODESYS Software Suite

The most versatile custom packaging system of Packsize Technologies is the M1 machine series. The M1 machine series is automated with controllers from CODESYS device manufacturer, Berghof Automation.

Packsize Technologies relies on the CODESYS Software Suite and the CODESYS Automation Server. Key CODESYS features used in the M1 series machine are SoftMotion, CODESYS Visualization, CODESYS Application Composer, CODESYS Professional Edition, CODESYS OPC UA and the CODESYS Automation Server.

IIoT Innovation in Today's Agriculture
Manure Spreading goes High-Tech with IIoT

Are you prepared for the future of agriculture?
One of the key challenges of this century is to find solutions on how we can ensure access to a sufficient supply of healthy, diverse, and safe food for a growing global population while limiting the impact on the environment and coping with climate change. Advancing sustainability and efficiency with IIoT innovation in today’s agriculture are a central part of the solution.

Learn more on how CODESYS and Immercloud® help advancing sustainability and efficiency with IIoT innovation in today’s agriculture.

Car Wash - CODESYS Automation Server
A Clean Solution

Using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and CODESYS for car wash management
Selecting the right intelligent control technology for car wash systems is of vital importance for achieving these goals. Using the possibilities of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and CODESYS cloud-based administration are steps towards for today’s car wash control systems.