CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.

In the spotlight: CODESYS Git

The Git integration of the CODESYS Development System is a key feature many of our customers have been asking for. It’s finally here and available as part of the CODESYS Professional Developers Edition in our store.

With CODESYS Git and the distributed version management system Git™, you have your CODESYS projects under control at all times. Thanks to the seamless integration into the CODESYS Development System, you do not need an additional Git installation or other third-party tools. Work with proven Git workflows. The simple and lean way to create branches allows you to develop different features together with your colleagues. Thanks to the two-step staging mechanism known from Git, you always have control over which changes are included in a commit. CODESYS Git automatically checks planned operations for consistency, ensuring usable CODESYS projects at all times. Merge desired changes with an effective merge mechanism. Use local Git repositories for your daily work, and remote Git repositories for cross-team development. For a better overview of the development history, CODESYS Git offers you a graphical display of the version history across different branches and commits - including a detailed view of each commit.

CODESYS Professional Developers Edition