CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.

Leading IT And OT Companies Have Formed COPA

COPA QuickStart is the first commercially available open industrial control system that provides a foundation for Industry 4.0 and advanced cybersecurity through the use of open-standards, interoperability, modern IT technologies, and ease of use. CODESYS is excited to be a part of the Coalition for Open Process Automation.

COPA is a diverse group of leading IT and OT technology companies, led by innovative newcomers Collaborative Systems Integration of Austin, Texas and of Silicon Valley, California. Its partners include veteran industry leaders such as Phoenix Contact, R. Stahl, Supermicro, Nova SMAR, and CODESYS. With the release of COPA QuickStart, the Coalition is applying years of research, collaboration, and investment by members of OPAF to bring ICS systems to market that are built on industry standards for open, secure, and interoperable architectures.