CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.


CODESYS Corporation is the US division of the CODESYS Group, providing dedicated sales, support, consulting and training services to our fast-growing customer base in North America. With the CODESYS software suite we provide automation software, technology and solutions for control system integrators, machine builders and device manufacturers across all industries. 

North America For our customers in US, Canada and Mexico

CODESYS Corporation

200 Cummings Center, Suite 272-D
Beverly, MA 01915

Tel.: +1-978-473-7600
Extension Sales:      x511
Extension Support: x507
Extension Training: x508


The Team

CODESYS stands for highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in their respective fields who are looking for real challenges.

We're team players who know that together we can solve the most complex tasks. We're open-minded and flexible individuals who are willing to question past practices and think up new solutions to further improve our processes and products. We're people who enjoy our work and take pride in what we have achieved with “our” company.

Contact the CODESYS North America Team:

Markus Bachmann

President CODESYS Corporation
+1 (978) 473-7600 x501

Chris Schulze

Vice President Sales
+1 (978) 473 7600 x506
+1 (404) 980 8654

Lars Ott

Sales Engineer
+1 978 473-7600 x504

Fran Lucas

Business Operations
+1 978 473-7600 x505

Adam Rohde

Application & Support Engineer
+1 978 473-7600

Scott Ruffi

Application & Support Engineer
+1 978 473-7600

Jeff Nimtz

Support and Training Engineer
+1 978 473-7600 x513

Shane Pratt

Software Developer and Support Engineer
+1 978 473-7600


Mission Statement CODESYS

CODESYS stands for technology and market leadership.

We have been developing software for industrial automation technology since 1994. Our decades of experience make us proven experts in the industry.
As a pioneer in the automation industry, we develop new technologies and concepts for our products to make them available to our customers for practical use.
Our product development teams apply the latest development methods and work along defined structures and processes. This ensures the high quality of our products.

The satisfaction of our customers is of outstanding importance to us.

We develop our products for and in close exchange with our customers. This is why we attach great importance to our relationship with our customers.
As a long-term and reliable partner, we treat our customers with openness and transparency. We regularly inform our customers about all matters relevant to them.
Personal communication with our customers is solution- and service-oriented. We strive to establish a personal relationship of trust with our customers.

We value each individual employee.

We are aware that each and every employee contributes to the success of the CODEYS Group through his or her performance and professional competence.
We express our appreciation by creating a trusting and relaxed working atmosphere in which our employees feel comfortable, communicate openly and gladly with each other and work creatively.
It is essential for us that our employees embrace their tasks, think constructively and develop an overall view across departments.
Our personal interactions are characterized by fairness, respect and loyalty.

We take our social responsibility seriously.

As a company, we are part of an overall context of environmental and social concerns.
Beyond the legal requirements, we are particularly committed to environmental protection, education, science, research, and a reasonable work/family balance.

The Customers Automation Technology & Solutions for Every Business and Industry

CODESYS is used in all sectors of the automation industry in all sorts of different applications by manufacturers of intelligent automation devices as well as users (from the plant or machine building industry) and system integrators.

Our customers come from all over the world and offer the most different automation solutions. With many of them, we have established long-term and trusted business partnerships.

Over 400 hardware manufacturers have integrated CODESYS into their hardware – tens of thousand of users around the world work with CODESYS every day.


CODESYS is the most widely used manufacturer independent IEC 61131-3 Development System on the market. And not without reason: As an independent software manufacturer we maintain a close dialogue with our customers but are also free to pursue new concepts and implement our ideas. With a strong market intuition and profound technological knowledge, we have turned CODESYS into a strong brand. And that is what our customers around the world have been benefiting from for more than 20 years now.

We cover the complete software side of automation: CODESYS offers the complete functionality of a modern IEC 61131-3 development tool; including an integrated visualization with different clients, integrated connection to all standard fieldbus systems, motion functionality, safety solutions, communication interfaces, and a solution for Industry 4.0 that allows for a convenient remote management of control landscapes.

The CODESYS ST Editor - the CANopen stack in IEC - our concept for object-oriented programming - the integrated CODESYS Safety solution - every CODESYS product is developed following a straightforward principle: We aim for the best.