CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.


The CODESYS Automation Server meets already requirements of tomorrows automation.

The CODESYS Automation Server is a cloud-based platform for managing controller tasks. It is the Industry 4.0 platform for 

  • Device Management
  • Remote HMI
  • Data analysis

New technologies offer enormous advantages for a connected automation world. Never it has been easier to manage and maintain globally distributed control devices so quickly and comprehensively. As the possibilities increase, so do the requirements. Whether we operate machines and plants, develop automation solutions, or manufacture control technology, the CODESYS Automation Server meets already requirements of tomorrows automation:

  • Keeping track of a large number of devices in the field
  • Securely accessing devices in use anytime and from everywhere
  • Developing automation projects in distributed teams
  • Managing access levels and users' authorizations
  • Collect, display, and analyze data
  • Highest security standards
  • Data privacy



The CODESYS Automation Server offers indespensable advantages for the automation of tomorrow.

  • Industry-independent use through individual configuration options
  • clear separation of IT and OT networks thanks to the CODESYS Edge Gateway
  • convenient and device-independent operation via browser
  • set-up and connections of devices and projects in only a few minutes
  • perfectly compatibilty with other CODESYS products
  • The CODESYS Automation Server covers three main fields of applications:
    • Device Manager
      DIGITAL TWIN: Virtual image of the controller – always up-to-date and instantly usable
      REPLACEMENTS: Easy exchange of controllers
      TICKET SYSTEM: Fast and risk-free maintenance
      DEBUGGING: Login to the controller - secure, available worldwide and without VPN
      WEBVISU: Current events at a glance at all times
    • Code Creator
      APPLICATION REPOSITORY: Project and application management - flexible, simple, secure.
      CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION: high software quality with automated development processes
    • Data Analyzer
      BIG DATA: Acquisition and evaluation of process data and direct implementation of findings
      CLOUD HMI: Real-time visualization of process data
      REPORTING: Record and evaluate data elegantly
      REMOTE CONTROL: Remote control – from all over the world


CODESYS Software Suite - perfectly suited for every industry


Warehouse - CODESYS Automation Server
How do you update 900 PLCs in warehouses with minimal downtime?

Decreasing update downtime using the Industrial Internet of Things

The CODESYS Automation Server can make updates 6 times faster. 
What used to take engineers 2 hours could now be done in a mere 20 minutes. The CODESYS Automation Server shaved off nearly 85% of the time it takes to update, an increase in speed of 600%! In addition, NO engineer is required to be on site at the customer’s warehouse! The whole update process with the CODESYS Automation Server can be easily done online.

Car Wash - CODESYS Automation Server
A Clean Solution

Using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and CODESYS for car wash management
Selecting the right intelligent control technology for car wash systems is of vital importance for achieving these goals. Using the possibilities of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and CODESYS cloud-based administration are steps towards for today’s car wash control systems.