CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.


IEC 61131-3 Software Suite - perfectly suited for embedded automation applications

CODESYS Embedded Automation is widely employed in numerous industrial sectors.

Embedded automation applications are task specific. They perform tasks such as processing data, reading sensor inputs, displaying required outputs, generating, and transmitting commands, and transforming data. CODESYS embedded automation applications are created to operate, monitor, or carry out a particular function of electronic equipment utilizing a fixed set of programs, plans, or regulations.

Healthcare, banking, telecommunications, home appliances, automotive, security, defense and military sector, and aerospace are just a few industries where CODESYS embedded automation is used. It is utilized in a variety of applications, including traffic light management systems and household appliances. As example the healthcare industry uses embedded automation applications in patient monitoring systems, surgery and treatment tools, diagnostic and imaging equipment. CODESYS embedded automation applications are widely employed in edge IPCs and are essential in the automotive industry. 

The use of CODESYS embedded automation applications has numerous advantages. For example, they are highly adaptable and cost-effective, making it easy and affordable to customize them to meet exact functional and performance requirements.


  • CODESYS is a manufacturer-independent comprehensive and flexible system. All components for embedded automation applications are integrated directly in CODESYS, including editors for all IEC 61131-3 compliant implementation languages (6), compilers for native machine codes, a powerful debugger, and a clear project configuration. Add-ons can further supplement these components for efficient application development.
  • CODESYS real-time is characterized by a predictable (deterministic) time behavior of a microseconds jitter. If a real-time system sets the task (by configuration) to execute certain routines within a predefined time frame, in CODESYS this happens down to a hundred microseconds cycle time.
  • The integrated safety (DIN IEC 61508) and redundancy functions in CODESYS are ideal for high availability and safety-critical applications.
  • Engineers are provided with extensive runtime diagnostics information and can safely update the application without stopping it - securely from all over the world.
  • Many tasks in the embedded automation like the fieldbus configuration, the creation of modern visualization screens for machine operation, planning and execution of complex motion control, CNC and robotic movements, implementation of safety applications to DIN IEC 61508 SIL3 and others are integrated in CODESYS.
  • CODESYS is used in over 1,000 different controllers around the world. 
  • For efficient developments and diagnostics CODESYS has integrated analysis tests, simulations, and offline tests. 
  • CODESYS includes efficient configuration, commissioning, and debugging tools to assist embedded automation engineers throughout the development of their projects.
  • The option to use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) designs facilitates modular and highly reusable code for control applications and significantly reduce development and maintenance time. 
  • CODESYS is used in applications for compact IP67 controllers in rough environments.
  • CODESYS supports important communication protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, ETHERNET-IP, PROFINET or Modbus with integrated configuration tools. 


CODESYS Software Suite - perfectly suited for every industry

Application Stories in EMBEDDED AUTOMATION

CODESYS in the FIELD Application | Vessels Application
Vessels Application of L3 Harris

Application Story in the Field of Marine Engineering

Vessels Application of L3 Harris using CODESYS software

This video includes a comprehensive application story about autonomous unmanned undersea and surfaces vehicles using CODESYS software.

Within the unmanned maritime systems solutions domain, L3Harris has delivered over 450 autonomous unmanned undersea and surface vehicles. These systems are deployed all over the world and service the defense, oil and gas, and scientific sectors.


Watch video here

CODESYS in the FIELD Application | Superyachts
Superyachts with Marine Hydraulic Consultancy and ControlSphere

Application Story in the Field of Marine Engineering

Superyachts with Marine Hydraulic Consultancy and ControlSphere

This video shows an impressive application story of hydraulic and control systems for superyachts using CODESYS software.

Marine Hydraulic Consultancy is a marine engineering company specializing in the maintenance, overhaul and re-design of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems on both sailing and motor yachts. Marine Hydraulic Consultancy is at the forefront of the latest technologies that can be offered to superyachts and motor yachts.

ControlSphere is a member of the CODESYS North America System Partner Family.


Watch video here

With CODESYS from dedicated controls to virtual PLCs

Turn an intelligent device into a controller in no time using the hardware independent CODESYS Software Suite.

All you need to do is to open the CODESYS North America Store, download the appropriate CODESYS Control Soft PLC, and install the software on your desired device. It is as simple as installing an app on your smartphone.

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CODESYS Software Suite in the Packaging Industry
Packsize Technologies AB Relies on the CODESYS Software Suite

The most versatile custom packaging system of Packsize Technologies is the M1 machine series. The M1 machine series is automated with controllers from CODESYS device manufacturer, Berghof Automation.

Packsize Technologies relies on the CODESYS Software Suite and the CODESYS Automation Server. Key CODESYS features used in the M1 series machine are SoftMotion, CODESYS Visualization, CODESYS Application Composer, CODESYS Professional Edition, CODESYS OPC UA and the CODESYS Automation Server.

Warehouse Application using the CODESYS Automation Server
How do you update 900 PLCs in warehouses with minimal downtime?

Decreasing update downtime using the Industrial Internet of Things

The CODESYS Automation Server can make updates 6 times faster. 
What used to take engineers 2 hours could now be done in a mere 20 minutes. The CODESYS Automation Server shaved off nearly 85% of the time it takes to update, an increase in speed of 600%! In addition, NO engineer is required to be on site at the customer’s warehouse! The whole update process with the CODESYS Automation Server can be easily done online.