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CODESYS Application Story - Packaging Industry

Providing all the right tools for intelligent packaging technology



Everyone has already received a package in which the shipping box was twice the size of the actual contents: The ordered product comes in a box that would be big enough for two more products, and includes unsustainable wasteful, void fillers. According to recent studies, around 40 percent of the volume shipped consists of air, which is caused by shipping boxes that are too large. In addition to huge amounts of packaging waste, there are almost twice as many delivery vehicles on our roads as necessary.

Just in time, fully automated packaging processes and custom-made boxes, are on the forefront, and will replace former store-and-retrieve, pre-made box inventories. Right sized packages made on demand is becoming the standard for high performing distribution centers, and will create less waste, reduce product damage, and generate repeat business.

On Demand Packaging® solutions by Packsize Technologies AB combines precise right-sizing technology, equipment, accessories, and services required to package and ship goods directly from a packaging line. Packsize Technologies is the pioneer in the packaging industry. With "On Demand Packaging®", Packsize Technologies offers intelligent packaging solutions: The smallest possible packaging is created for each product, exactly when it is needed. The benefits: Significantly less packaging material, optimized throughout the supply chain, thanks to small packages.


Packsize Technologies AB Relies on the CODESYS Software Suite

The most versatile custom packaging system of Packsize Technologies is the M1 machine series. The M1 machine series is automated with controllers from CODESYS device manufacturer, Berghof Automation.

Packsize Technologies relies on the CODESYS Software Suite and the CODESYS Automation Server. Key CODESYS features used in the M1 series machine are SoftMotion, CODESYS Visualization, CODESYS Application Composer, CODESYS Professional Edition, CODESYS OPC UA and the CODESYS Automation Server.

As part of the "Packaging-as-a-Service" concept, Packsize Technologies offers not only hardware, but also software. Improvements for both hard- and software can be derived from the production data. Updates for the machines are provided every two months. A huge benefit for the Packsize’s “Packaging-as-a-Service” business model, is the CODESYS Automation Server, which provides all the right tools for intelligent packaging technology. The cloud-based administration ensures an optimal overview of the control landscape, and maintenance personnel can conveniently roll out updates to the application software from anywhere in the world, without being onsite at the machine.  


The Challenges at Packsize Technologies

From time to time every software update must be brought to the machines. At Packsize Technologies this process used to be time-consuming and error-prone. First, it had to be clarified which software version was currently running on which machine. Then, for the update process, Packsize Technologies service technicians used USB sticks, and stored the current version in the CRM system, once the update was complete. Because of this, a service technician was required on site for each update.

Packsize Technologies essential need was to significantly reduce travel time and costs for service personnel. While searching for a faster and more secure solution, they found the CODESYS Automation Server.


The Solution – CODESYS Automation Server

Packsize Technologies uses the CODESYS Automation Server to manage its control landscapes more efficiently and securely. The biggest plus is that Packsize now handles software updates of machines all over the world with just a few clicks. No more need for time-consuming trips halfway around the world.

The CODESYS Automation Server not only completely replaces the USB sticks, but also complements the existing infrastructure in an ideal way, and no service technician has to be on site. The software update process is fully automated, and runs so reliably that it is already being used in production.

To connect machines already installed in the field with the CODESYS Automation Server, service technicians on site use the CODESYS Service Tool. Communication then runs via encrypted connections, with the CODESYS Automation Server as an intermediary between the machine and the developer's browser. This saves a lot of time, because previously, remote access had to be activated for this purpose.

The integrated CODESYS Automation Server Data Analyzer is used to record, visualize, and evaluate operating data.


For debugging, the Packsize Technologies service technician simply downloads the corresponding project on his laptop. After debugging, the technician synchronizes the new application with the CODESYS Automation Server, and rolls it out on all Packsize machines in the field worldwide.



Packsize Technologies M1 Series Machine Relies on CODESYS Technology

The most versatile custom packaging system of Packsize Technologies is the M1 machine series. It is built upon an intelligent design that delivers exceptional reliability, optimization, performance, and efficiency for all types of manufacturing businesses.

M1 Series Machine Information

The M1 packaging machine converts endless corrugated cardboard material in a timely manner and on-demand, into custom sized cardboard boxes, which perfectly fit to the individual items that need to be shipped.

Each order can use a differently sized box. Boxes are produced with a rate of up to 600 pieces per hour.

The M1 machine series is automated with CODESYS-based controllers from Berghof Automation. CODESYS provides Packsize Technologies with the most advanced development features, and integrates flawlessly with the other hardware devices Packsize uses.   

Key CODESYS features used in the M1 series machine

The CODESYS device manufacturer Berghof Automation used key CODESYS features in the Packsize Technologies M1 machine series.

  • SoftMotion  
    10 Servo-Axis and one Virtual Axis, which are divided into 5 groups, are controlled via CODESYS SoftMotion CAM, in a 4ms cycle time. One stand-alone Axis uses single movement functions. The Virtual Axis is controlling the speed of the machine as a Master. The products move on a Conveyer that is 1:1 synchronized with the Master, thus moving at the same speed. When the products enter the machine, a photocell triggers a Touchprobe function in the CODESYS SoftMotion, and the position is saved in a FIFO buffer. Then it is just mathematics to calculate the CAMs, and initiate the capping sequence. Parts of the SoftMotion Software were customized by CODESYS for this application. 
    Further cardboard processing is done by the autonomous Packsize custom EtherCAT modules.
  • CODESYS Visualization
    In this application Berghof Automation uses the CODESYS Target and Web-Visualization.
    General use of CODESYS Visualization common control elements are Alarm Manager, Multi-Language, and User Management.
  • CODESYS Application Composer      
    With great support from CODESYS, this Berghof Automation application has fully adopted the Application composer way of working, including a module based, highly object-oriented SW design.
  • CODESYS Professional Edition
    The SVN plugin is used for source control and flawless collaboration. The main state machines of this application are all developed using UML. The Test Manager will be used for feature tests and regression testing.
  • CODESYS Automation Server
    The CODESYS Automation Server is used for continuous integration, meaning that there will be nightly builds directly from SVN to the Automation Server, including running the Test Manager.
    The CODESYS OPC UA Server functionality is used for all outgoing machine communication.
Berghof Automation

Berghof Automation & Control Solutions is an independent business unit that implements customized individual solutions on the basis of a highly flexible standard portfolio, by means of a highly specialized team. This generates maximum fulfilment of needs with maximum qualitative product safety.

Berghof control solutions have proven themselves in a wide variety of industries across all sectors. Machine tools, special machines, the food industry, mining, oil & gas, crane systems or agriculture - the usability of Berghof controls and components is individually tested in each case.

For example, Berghof components withstand extreme weather and operating conditions in shipping, on offshore platforms, and in underground mining. This special heavy-duty line demonstrates Berghof‘s indestructible control technology on a daily basis, which can be optimally operated, even in exceptional temperatures and heavy soiling, and guarantees perfect function.

But Berghof‘s portfolio is not only represented at extremes. The products demonstrate their 24/7 usability in intralogistics as well. Thanks to the flexible system, Berghof is able to ideally adapt the automation, networking and visualization of all material flows to logistics requirements.

Industry 4.0 is not just a buzzword for Berghof - it is a living reality. Numerous customers rely on the broad communication capabilities of our products and network these with superimposed systems or Smartphones to keep the process optimally in view at all times.

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