CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.


Turn an intelligent device into a controller in no time using the hardware independent CODESYS Software Suite. All you need to do is to open the CODESYS North America Store, download the appropriate CODESYS Control Soft PLC, and install the software on your desired device. It is as simple as installing an app on your smartphone.

With CODESYS from dedicated controls to virtual PLCs


Turn an intelligent device into a controller using the hardware independent CODESYS Software Suite.

Recent supply chain problems have started affecting industrial automation. Late last year industry experts expected supply shortages to largely dissipate by mid-2022, but given circumstances show the disruptions will last longer, possibly into 2023 and 2024.

Not only the shortage of chips is causing delays in the delivery of controllers and other intelligent automation components. Also, machine builders are confronted with this universal problem and are having to find new ways to get products manufactured and delivered on time.


Hardware and operating system independent CODESYS Control Software (Soft PLC)

One solution is the use of hardware and operating system independent control software (Soft PLC). It allows regular intelligent devices to be converted into full industrial controllers. The devices can then be programmed using the CODESYS Software Suite.

CODESYS has been offering hardware-independent Soft PLCs for over 20 years and continuously they have been expanding their products. Today, CODESYS provides hardware-independent Soft PLCs with and without real-time for Windows, as well as Soft PLC solutions for Linux x86 and ARM-based systems.

To combat hardware availability and lead-times issues today, machine builders can easily shift to available devices on the market. All that is needed is to purchase the new hardware, go to the CODESYS North America Store ( and download the appropriate CODESYS Control Soft PLC to the new device. It is as simple as installing an app on your smartphone.


CODESYS Virtual PLC has no hardware requirements

The CODESYS virtual PLC goes one step further here. It allows users to run the CODESYS Soft PLC in a virtual environment without the need for a device. Instead, the device gets replaced by containers and hypervisor technologies.

The CODESYS virtual PLC can be installed multiple times on a device and has no hardware requirements. It is connected to the Automation World via virtual LAN. CODESYS is currently delivering CODESYS Controls in Docker containers to pilot customers. The product will be available for purchase in the CODESYS North America Store soon.

CODESYS will soon release solutions based on hypervisor technology, for example to easily install CODESYS Control on a server.


Hardware independence with CODESYS-Motion-CNC-Robotics of the actual drive-in use

In case the drive supplier can no longer deliver, CODESYS offers a solution: CODESYS-Motion-CNC-Robotics. The CODESYS-Motion-CNC-Robotics package is completely independent of the drive product used. The connection between SoftMotion and hardware is established by a drive-specific device driver. Currently, CODESYS provides drivers for over 40 different drive products.


Hardware independence on the visualization side

The hardware component replacement of a machine visualization can be exchanged without having to rebuild the operating software. The CODESYS Software Suite visualization is created once, and later it can be decided where the application should be accessed. CODESYS offers two possibilities:

  • a WEB application or via any browser (CODESYS WEB-Visu)
  • or classically on the display of the device (CODESYS Target-Visu).

The CODESYS visualization itself is therefore always loaded into the controller as part of the Soft PLC application. The CODESYS visualization can also be transferred to another device in the same way the control application can be loaded to different devices. With the latest version, HTML-5 elements can be integrated. This allows customers to create control elements with JavaScript and HTML-5. Of course, this development work can be done in alternative text editors outside the CODESYS Software Suite.


Hardware independence in engineering is the trend

10 years ago, it was without question that development environments would be targeted for Windows platforms. Today, customers want more flexible tools that can be used with Linux computers, tablets, by central administrators, and other options not always compatible with Windows. Because of this, CODESYS is already working on a development environment based on web technology which can be operated both, in the cloud and on a central server or desktop. This development environment will provide platform-independence by enabling development to be done within the browser.


CODESYS is the global market leader of manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3-automation software with over 5 million device licenses sold worldwide. The CODESYS system is the basis of a comprehensive suite that covers the entire software side of automation including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), communication, Soft PLC, motion, drives, CNC, robotics, redundancy, and visualization.


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