CODESYS ® is the leading manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control systems.


Today applications and licenses need to work on virtual and hardware-based platforms.

CODESYS has changed its pricing model from hardware-platform based licenses to an application-based licenses model to address the latest technology trends and changing customer needs. 

Today applications and licenses need to work on virtual and hardware-based platforms.

The new CODESYS application-based licenses provide hardware-independent licensing to CODESYS customers. Application-based licenses are scaling with the scope of the application running on any CODESYS Soft PLCs supported platform.

The scope of the application is defined by:

  • the number of I/O channels,
  • number of fieldbus networks,
  • number of visualized variables,
  • code size and
  • additional options such as SoftMotion.

The device view in the CODESYS Development System shows details of the application scope in a CODESYS project for licensing purposes.

At the core of the application-based licenses are eight main license levels to choose from plus optional add-ons for advanced features. The application-based licenses are starting at a very low price for small applications and grow with the complexity and size of larger projects. Easy upgrades are available as needed to grow with the application. 


More powerful hardware for industrial control

  • Running small applications on a powerful industrial processors / IPCs or on a low-power Linux edge device is now possible with the same license at the same competitive price.

Virtualization and container architectures

  • Multiple CODESYS Control instances per device
  • Licensing not tied to specific hardware
  • Scalable deployment

Now included in all CODESYS performance classes

  • Visualization S with 128 Tags 
  • OPC UA S with 512 Tags 

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