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NEW SERVICE OFFER: Implementation/Optimization of Real-time Linux

A strong control solution with CODESYS:

Implementation/optimization of real-time Linux

Linux is the most widely used operating system in industrial automation technology. This is because Linux is reliable, easily scalable, and customizable, and very cost-effective. Many available device platforms are suitable for industrial use, even as control platforms. However, only under the condition that the system has real-time capabilities which is not always the case! If you are a machine and plant manufacturer and would like to set up a system with real-time Linux, CODESYS can support you with the following services:

  • Based on standardized measurements, we test the real-time behavior of your system and give you precise recommendations on how to improve the real-time behavior if necessary.
  • We build a Yocto Linux for your target platform - no matter for which device, board or SoC.
  • We offer support for the integration of the real-time patch.
  • We test your complete system.
  • And we offer an annual maintenance plan, which includes an update of both the firmware of the device and also of the CODESYS Control runtime system, and a retest of the complete system after the update.

With good real-time properties and a CODESYS Control SoftPLC from the CODESYS North America Store, you have a strong control solution completely in your own hands.
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